A 37-year-old rapist who subjected a teenage girl to a violent 90-minute sexual ordeal and then tried to kill himself in the river has been jailed for five years.

Philip Sims-Neighbour further degraded his victim by taking pictures of her on his mobile phone while he was raping her, Worcester Crown Court heard.

Afterwards, he was filled with guilt and left a message on Facebook saying "goodbye, world" before cutting his wrists and throwing himself in the river. He was rescued by police, Sarah Allen, prosecuting, told the court.

She said Sims-Neighbour knew the girl and had met her by chance in Lloyds Bar on December 20 last year. He took her home but there were no lights on and she thought she was locked out. He invited her to go with him but when she got there, she realised it was a shared house and there was only his bedroom for her stay in.

She watched TV then fell asleep on his bed, Miss Allen said. She was "rudely awoken" by Sims-Neighbour holding her ankles and kneeling in front of her. She was frightened and when she struggled, he threatened to hit her and put a pillow over face, suffocating her, before raping her. She turned onto her front to try and escape and he raped her again.

"She thought if she let him get on with it, it would be over quicker," Miss Allen said.

Miss Allen said the girl saw camera flashes and police later found nine photos of the rape on the deleted file of Sims-Neighbour's mobile phone.

After the second attack, he apologised and said he would go with her to the police station before saying he was going to "disappear."

She left on her own at about 4am and called her boyfriend before reporting the incident.

Sims-Neighbour, of Hylton Road, Worcester, at first told police she had been "up for it" and had been a willing participant but soon changed his story. Police also found pornography relating to rape on his computer, Miss Allen said.

Mark Sheward, defending, said Sims-Neighbour had no previous convictions and had little recollection of the attack. He had been suffering from depression and had drunk a lot of beer on the night. He said Sims-Neighbour intended to leave the city so his victim does not run the risk of seeing him again.

He pleaded guilty to two charges of rape.

Judge Michael Cullum said the 90-minute attack had been "an extraordinary length of time for a young woman to undergo a violent sexual ordeal" and she had been left significantly distressed. Sims-Neighbur had taken advantage of the situation with the girl asleep on his bed. His suicide attempt shortly afterwards showed his feelings of guilt.

He jailed Sims-Neighbour for five years on each charge to run concurrently.