WORCESTER'S oldest page three model is taking her record-breaking, oversized rabbit to the Netherlands for seven TV appearances.

As the world's longest rabbit, Darius has already appeared on British television on The Alan Titchmarsh show in January with glamour model Annette Edwards, but he's jetting off to Holland with his brood of bunnies.

While celebrating his birthday on Easter Sunday, the four foot rabbit and the 62-year-old model will be recording shows for RTL4, SBS6 and BNN as in Holland he's a star.

Darius is a Continental Giant rabbit, a Dutch breed, and will have a bodyguard for their visit to the country where his great, great grandmother was born.

Ms Edwards, of Worcester, said: “We’re going to travel by ferry and the rabbits will be fine. They travel in a huge pen. It’s my first time in the country. I’m not sure what they’ll make of me, but we’ll soon find out.”

She added that when the pair appeared on ITV’s Alan Titchmarsh show “they spoiled Darius rotten.”

The rabbit was the fourth record-breaking rabbit for Ms Edwards and took the Guiness World Record from his mother, Alice, who was 3ft 8ins.

If the European media event is successful, Ms Edwards plans a return to Holland for more interviews.