NINETY-two new homes will be built on land west of Worcester Road in Hartlebury after planners gave them the go-ahead.

The new development has caused local concern with the parish council requesting a further road traffic study.

Worries about the accuracy of an earlier study were also raised as parish council representatives said two local schools were closed when it was carried out.

Cllr Nigel Dowty said he also still had highways concerns on the site which first gained approval last year and was only being re-considered because of the parish council's worries.

"I still do have concerns over the highways element of this site. One lane on the north of the site is very narrow and in places only single file.

"We have also just had the wettest winter and the water flow down there was phenomenal. I have concerns whether the drains are going to be able to cope with any further development."

Despite this chairman of Wychavon District Council's planning committee Linda Robinson said the site was allocated in the emerging South Worcestershire Development Plan and would be hard to oppose.

She said that highways had deemed the site and access to be safe and the application was given approval with only two of the 14 councillors voting against it.