THE thought of running 26.2miles is exhausting for some, but an Australian runner has completed seven marathons in seven days in Worcester as part of his attempt to run 200 in one year.

Marathon Man Trent Morrow hopes to smash the current Guinness World Record of most marathons run in one year of 185 by completing 200.

While on his journey around the world looking for races, the 41-year-old got in touch with Ultra Running Ltd who run races throughout the year for relentless runners looking to push the boundaries of the amount of miles they run.

Race director Steve Worrallo said Mr Morrow had seen online that the club were running their Hot Runner event, which sees competitors take on either half or full marathon in the morning, or evening, or both, for as many days as they want in the seven days, from Monday, March 24, until Sunday, March 30.

"Runners start at Holt Heath and go towards Worcester, across Sabrina Bridge, through the city and on to the A449, down to Ombersley where they exit onto Tenbury Road, and go back to the start at Holt Castle.

"That loop is a half marathon, so marathon runners do it again to do a full and some keep going to do an ultra marathon or a double marathon."

Mr Morrow, of Sydney, Australia, came to the Ultra Running event having flown in from Rome where he completed the Rome Marathon the previous day, after completing three at Enigma Week in Milton Keynes on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, March 18,19 and 20, and the Arctic Marathon in Antarctica on March 10.

"This event ticked the right boxes for him in his schedule and got him to number 152 in his year. He has just a couple of weeks left to complete his record attempt," Mr Worrallo added.

Marathon Man started his year of marathons on April 27 last year and had up until that date this year to complete his goal of 200 races. The current record for most marathons completed in a year is 185. In 2013 Mr Morrow completed 161 marathons.

Mr Worrallo did not know where he was next flying off to to compete but knew his last race was planned to be the Boston Marathon on April 21.