A MAN believed to have mental health issues jumped into the River Severn, during an argument with his girlfriend.

After jumping in, his girlfriend left the scene, and he refused to get out of the water, telling police officers he was "sun-bathing."

A spokeswoman for West Mercia Police said: " The man was possibly drunk, and was refusing to get out of the water, saying he was sun-bathing.

"He made an attempt to get out of the river at first, but after he realised it was too steep, he refused to get out."

14 police officers and an Ambulance crew attended the scene, eventually getting him out via the steps on the river bank leading to the cricket ground, in New Road, Worcester, at 12.45pm.

Police received the call at 12.23pm, after he jumped into the water in Quay Street, Worcester.

After being seen to by the medical staff, the man was arrested, taken into custody where he is being detained under Section 136- The Mental Health Act.