THE WETTEST winter on record could have a lasting impact on populations of dragonflies and damselfly, warns The Canal & River Trust.

It says, as larva lives underwater for three years, large numbers may have been washed away due to the devastating floods causing fluctuating river levels and fast currents.

Peter Birch, group environment manager for the Canal & River Trust, said: "Dragonflies, and their sister damselflies, flourish in clean water which is rich in bank-side vegetation, such as reeds.

"We would expect to see an increase in numbers of mosquitoes and midges which prefer stagnant and isolated water, but we may also see a drop in the numbers of dragonflies emerging this Spring."

The trust is asking Worcester people at take part in its annual Great Nature Watch, which launched on Monday, April 4, running until September.

People are being urged to record sightings of all wildlife seen on river banks, canals and reservoirs.

Visit to record data collected.