A PETITION calling for roads in Battenhall to become 20mph zones will be handed to Worcestershire County Council tomorrow (Thursday, April 10).

Worcester's Green Party campaigner Louis Stephen carried out a door-to-door petition in The Hill Avenue, St Dunstan's Crescent, Foxwell Street, Cannon Street, and Livingstone Street, in Battenhall, Worcester, visiting every house across several days.

Mr Stephen, who has lived in Bath Road since 1997, said: "Many local residents supported the speed reduction in order to reduce road noise and make their roads safer for pedestrians, cyclists and school children walking to school."

Only two per cent of the people living in the area were not in favour of dropping the speed limit to 20mph on their streets as opposed to the current 30mph standard limit with 167 people signing their names in favour of the proposal.

The Green Party is proposing that there are no additional speed bumps – simply low-cost 20mph signs on the entrance to these streets.

Mr Stephen will submit petition to the Worcestershire County Council cabinet meeting, calling for the Highways Department to investigate and implement this low cost initiative to improve road safety.