PUPILS at a local school will be re-living the experiences of women and men before and during the First World War at Bishops Wood Centre at Crossway Green later this month.

Teacher Helen Ferguson said: "We are delighted that the centre and our excellent site provide unique facilities for practical and hands-on activities which will allow young people to experience the way different genders and classes lived during those periods and how lives were affected post-war.

This programme adds to Bishops Wood’s list of history programmes which have been developed to tie in with the National Curriculum, particularly the changes from September.

The Centre offers programmes on Stone Age, Egyptians, Celts, Romans, Saxons, Vikings and Tudors, often as a result of specific requests from teachers.

Another, developed by teacher Ann Goddard, is a chronological walk through history from Stone Age to Iron Age to Medieval to Victorian to present times with practical activities appropriate to these periods.

This and the First World War programme are being offered currently by Bishops Wood as are a great range of others, all with sustainability themes.

More information is available by visiting bishopswoodcentre.org.uk, calling 01299 250513 or emailing bishopswoodcentre@worcestershire.gov.uk.