MUSIC fans in Worcester flocked to an independent city record store to celebrate a worldwide event.

Record lovers were queuing up for Rise in Crowngate shopping centre to open at 8am on Saturday for Record Store Day.

They were vying to get hold of limited edition vinyls, to find releases that completed collections, and to see musicians put on special celebratory shows.

Tom George, from the store, said it was a “resounding success” with there being something for everyone at the eighth annual worldwide event.

“It’s been the best Record Store Day we’ve had so far,” he said. “Everyone just seems happy and up for it. The queue was out the centre and went around the corner.

“I think the reason it’s been so good this year is because there was something for everyone – kids, adults, enthusiasts – some of the companies released specials for them all.”

The store carried the limited edition vinyls that sold out within 20 minutes of its early opening, more typical purchases like Nirvana Unplugged and Coldplay’s latest 7-inch single, but also catered for the X-Factor generation with a One Direction vinyl album.

Mr George said: “Older blokes were in here buying The Doors albums they had when they were young and little girls were in here completing their collections of One Direction stuff.”

He added that the first single he ever bought was a Stereophonics 7-inch just because he wanted all of their releases, but began purchasing one a week until he became addicted.

Gavin Wallace, of Northampton, came to the store especially for the event.

He said a vinyl record is “more beautiful to look at. It’s got a more earthy sound. It’s like a raw sound, not a chemically compressed sound like you get in a studio on a CD.”

County band The Broken Oak Duet, consisting of Tom Morgan on baritone guitar and Howard James Kenny on drums, performed in the store during the day.

Mr Kenny said the day was very exciting for them.

“It was a great experience for us - as it always is - playing to strangers in a relatively alien environment.

“It’s a pleasure seeing people of all ages peering in through the window with big smiles on their faces.

“That’s what live music is about for us – excitement. There was certainly a lot of that today.

“It being Record Store Day was simply the icing on the cake.

“We really hope events like this encourage the public to support local record stores like Rise over buying music online or at chains.”