A WORCESTER-BASED home care provider is calling on people to be aware of the signs and symptoms of Parkinson’s disease.

Following a campaign earlier this month by Parkinson’s UK, Radfield Home Care, which has offices based in Blackpole Road, has stressed the importance of being mindful of the condition all year round.

About 127,000 people across the UK suffer from the progressive neurological condition, which impairs talking, walking and writing.

Dr Hannah MacKechnie of Radfield Home Care said, although there is no cure for the condition, it is not life-limiting and those suffering from it usually have a normal life expectancy.

“It’s worth bearing in mind not everyone with Parkinson's has the same symptoms and they don't appear in a particular order, progress at the same speed, or in the same way,” she said.

“The awareness week is a fantastic way to increase public perception and understanding of the condition, however one week isn’t enough and residents need to be aware of Parkinson’s disease all year-round, especially if they have older relatives that are more likely to be affected.

“It is worth bearing in mind if a loved one does get the disease help is at hand and with the right support those with the condition can continue to live an independent life.”