TWO Worcester women brought together when one saved the others life have met officially for the first time.

June Watkins was visited at her home in Battenhall on Tuesday (April 29) by Estelle Field, who saved her life during Hallow Village Community Group's community show in March.

The 75-year-old thanked Mrs Field, who came to her rescue after she collapsed on stage just as she was about to sing with the village WI.

Luckily Mrs Field, from Hallow, who was waiting in the wings also set to perform during the evening, had completed a St John Ambulance first aid course in the village just weeks earlier and immediately sprang into action.

"On the first night of the show I was waiting in the wings to go on stage when I heard a loud bang," said Mrs Field, who had gone on the Essential First Aid course in Hallow in case she ever needed first aid to help her own children.

"At first I thought it might be a piece of scenery falling over but realised it was a woman lying motionless. The curtains closed and the audience were left wondering for a short time whether this was part of the show.

"I remembered my training straight away and checked her over, she was breathing at this point. Unfortunately June then stopped breathing. It was so scary but because of the training I knew what to do."

Fortunately a retired doctor and a nurse were in the audience and three worked on Mrs Watkins.

Mrs Field added: "The training I had really gave me the confidence to try to help but at the same time it was all very surreal and it felt like a very long time. June's daughter was holding her hand and I was struck how I'd be feeling if it was someone I loved, which spurred me on.

"We continued CPR on June until an ambulance arrived and we helped paramedics who then used an Automated External Defibrillator to restart June's heart."

Mrs Watkins was taken to Worcester Royal Infirmary where she remained in an induced coma before undergoing an operation to have an internal defibrillator fitted.

And the mum of six has no memory of the drama that occurred that night.

She added: "I am very active. I go to two exercise classes a week as well as the WI and hadn’t been feeling ill at all. I literally just keeled over. It was a case of an irregular heartbeat and my heart just stopped."

Mrs Watkins, who is making a good recovery, said she, her husband Ron and her family will be forever grateful to Mrs Field.

"I would like to say thanks to Estelle, the doctor and anyone else who helped save my life. My children say it is amazing that complete strangers helped save my life. It just shows important first aid is."