YESTERDAY, we asked for your pictures and stories about your beloved pets.

National Pet Month ends on Monday, May 5, and we featured a couple of your stories in today's Your Family supplement, only in the Worcester News.

However, we received more brilliant pet pictures so wanted to show them off. Here are some more outstanding animals from our readers...

Lucy Langstone

"These are my two jack Russell's Tess the black one and Bella the white one.

"They're two loveable pooches who are with me every day. We enjoy our walks and the cuddles we share."

Worcester News:

Claire Thompson

"Here are my two beloved pets.

"My dog, Sam, unfortunately got hit by a cyclist a few years ago and damaged all his nerves in his leg, which ended up him having to have to amputated.

"But the day I picked him up after the operation, he was the brightest and happiest dog ever. Nothing bothered him. Having no front leg didn't! It brought tears to my eyes.

"And my tortoise Shelby. Not many people have baby tortoises as animals, and I love him to bits, such a character.

"He has a cheeky little smurky smile on his face like you can see from the picture! Me and my boyfriend named him Shelby after Shelby Mustang, the man who created some beautiful cars, and being a tortoise, and 'shell' in Shelby, I thought it went down a treat."

Worcester News:

Worcester News:

Rick Boysie

"This is our dog Alfie, he's a one-year-old Labradoodle and he is just so funny.

"He will always make you smile by bringing his toy for you to throw no matter what your doing, or cocking his head to one side while your talking to him... Or flying helicopters!"

Worcester News:

Worcester News:

We received a picture of this little fella in an email from an anonymous reader

"This is Colin. He was found as a stray and is a real character.

"How can that face not make you smile?"

Worcester News:

Lorna Webb sent us the picturebelow of Jack the parrot - certainly NOT a sparrow!

"We took her in a few years back after her owner passed away. She instantly took to me and it wasn't long before she was snuggling into my chest to watch Eastenders and drinking my tea.

"We thought she was a male but turns out she is female.

"She is quite a character and very talented in her vocabulary! She is very cheeky and knows how to switch the kettle on!

"Most of all she cheers up any gloomy day with her excitement to see me and her wonderful cuddles."

Worcester News:

Leah Maguire

"This is my loveable, laid back dog, Finley.

"He is a cross between a chihuahua and a Jack Russell. He's my baby and my world."

Worcester News:

Louise Powell, Fernhill Heath

"Hope I'm not too late to send in a picture.

"This is my nine-month-old springer, Katy Perry (yes, that's her real name!), as named by my four-year-old daughter, Niamh.

"She is crazy but very entertaining. Wouldn't have her any other way."

Worcester News:

Another anonymous emailer sent these two dogs in

"My dogs hated it when the racecourse was flooded for so long. They have no chance with their little legs!"

Worcester News:

Tracey Davies

"My two lovely dogs Lily (Sprocker) and Sam (Cocker). No story about them but they are a big part of our family!"

Worcester News:

Shaun Gormley, from Worcester, sent us this picture of Sam the spaniel

"We are from Worcester and he's my dad's dog.

"We got him a few years ago when my mum was ill. He loves the camera as he always seems to pose when it comes out."

Worcester News:

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