STARTLED Europeans will see cartoon superhero Danger Mouse and his faithful sidekick Penfold zipping across the continent in a bright yellow sports car next weekend.

The dynamic duo are in fact James Rose of Colwall and Nick Baldwin of Malvern, who are taking part in Europe’s biggest banger rally, the Scumrun.

Starting at Brand's Hatch early on Thursday. May 8, the Scumrun will see 100 teams drive across Europe for four days, navigating to secret locations only revealed to them on the day.

The rules of the challenge include picking up a banger for no more than £500, and adapting it to get it road-ready for the 3,000-mile journey.

Mr Rose, a civil servant , aged 32, and data analyst Mr Baldwin, 41, will be driving an 18-year-old Mazda MX5 bought for £475.

Mr Baldwin said: “The Scumrun is a real challenge and we’ve spent a lot of time finding a suitable car and getting it prepared for the road. It wasn’t in too bad condition but a seized crank shaft pulley bolt caused a few scraped knuckles, and wrapping a car in yellow vinyl is not as easy as tutorial videos would have you believe.”

But there is a serious side to the zany stunt, as the Scumrun raises money for pregnancy and baby charity Tommy’s.

“Tommy’s is a great charity and we’re really happy to be fundraising for them this year,” said Mr Baldwin.

To donate, visit or see them in costume at Ledbury car boot sale on Sunday, May 4, off the A449 Ross Road.