WORCESTERSHIRE will see a change in the weather over the next couple of days as warmer air makes way for torrential downpours and colder temperatures.

The county is set for some wet and miserable weather today (Thursday) with a risk of thunderstorms and colder air on Friday.

But Ian Michaelwaite, of netweather.tv in Pershore, said the good news is that the weather will improve by the Bank Holiday weekend.

"The weather's just about to change," he said. "There's a cloudy front shuffling southwards down the country that's bringing quite a lot of rain.

"There will be an overnight low of 8C and highs of 12C or 13C today (Thursday), four or five degrees down on yesterday (Wednesday).

"Towards lunchtime and through the rest of the day there is a 30 to 40 per cent change of thunder storms, if you catch one of those it's going to be torrential. You could see 15ml in the space of an hour and localised flooding and excess surface water.

"But otherwise there will be rain around and plenty of cloud."

But he said that by Friday, things should improve with the county enjoying a dry day but temperatures would remain low.

"The good news is high pressure is rolling in," he said. "There might be a couple of cloudy spells. With that northerly wind it will only be 12C or 13C but if you get an extended spell of sunshine if might creep up.

"Otherwise it won't feel much warmer than 10C or 12C. There's going to be a proper chilly feel on Friday."

He warned the mercury would plunge to 2C or 3C on Friday night with a risk of frost into Saturday.

"But as we go into the weekend it's going to improve," he added. "Temperatures will slowly creep up as we go through."