A FAMILY whose cat was hit by a car and could face losing a leg has been astounded by neighbours' support as they try to raise money towards expensive vet fees.

Facing a bill of up to £2,000, Nikki Shardlow and her children Jacob, ten and Freya, nine, have set up a stall outside their home in Froxmere Road, Crowle to pay for the spiralling costs of Ziggy's care.

The one and a half-year-old cat could potentially have one of his legs amputated and costs have already reached £1,000 after he was hit by the car on Friday night.

Mrs Shardlow said: "He had somehow managed to get into the house through the cat flap even though he had extensive injuries.

"His front left leg and hind left leg were really badly swollen and crooked, he looked awful and was in shock so I had to get a neighbour to babysit my children at 11pm while I took him to the vets.

"It was good news that he was going to survive but he will need an operation so my children decided to hold a sale and sell their toys, baby items and bits and bobs from the house."

Ziggy is a familiar sight in the street, wandering over to school children waiting at the bus stop opposite the family's home or following Freya to Crowle Village School.

As news spread of the accident, neighbours have been happy to help out by baking cakes, offering items to sell and providing a steady stream of custom.

The children began selling on Saturday evening and were back out again yesterday (Sunday) managing to raise £250 after handing out flyers.

The family has set up stall again today (Monday) and hope to raise another £75.

"I am so, so proud of the children.

"We had made plans for the Bank Holiday weekend but they love Ziggy and wanted to do something to help him.

"I'm so proud about how they have come together to raise money for Ziggy - it's fantastic.

"The whole community has been fantastic, I've been humbled by everyone's compassion."

Ziggy is back home with the family at the moment but is confined to a dog's cage and will see the surgeon tomorrow (Tuesday).

A man also stopped by the stall this morning (Monday) to say he believed he had hit the cat and had tried to find Ziggy after he ran into someone's garden following the accident.

Mrs Shardlow added: "I really appreciated him coming to speak to us and he was a lovely young man.

"He said he would speak to his insurance company but I'm not sure what they can do.

"It meant a lot to us that he came and explained to us what had happened."

She is now looking into insurance for Ziggy and her other two cats and is trying to think of other ways to raise money for the treatment.