THE sun will be shining this weekend but experts are advising people to make the most of it while it's here.

Forecasters are predicting a lovely day of sunshine on Saturday with temperatures up into the low 20s.

And the good weather is set to continue into Sunday, but temperatures will drop slightly and by the evening Worcestershire will be at risk of thunderstorms and heavy rain.

Paul Michaelwaite, of Pershore's, said: "On Saturday we should see plenty of sunshine and temperatures up into the low 20s. There is a very, very outside risk of a shower but you would be really unlucky to catch one.

"It starts to potentially go down hill on Sunday but I think Worcester will be just about safe. There is a slight risk of a shower but temperatures will be in the low 20s early teens still."

But Mr Michaelwaite says while this weekend is set to be nice next week will be a different story.

"It will stay pretty warm next week in the main but there will be heavy rain and thunder storms around with sun in between, if you're lucky.

"This will begin anytime from Sunday evening onwards."