A FAMILY who set up a stall outside their home to raise money for expensive vet bills after their cat was hit by a car have so far managed to raise £300.

But Nikki Shardlow still potentially has to find up to £2,000 to pay the vet's bills and is hoping to hear from people with any advice on how to raise the funds.

Beloved cat Ziggy managed to make it back to the family home in Froxmere Road, Crowle despite his extensive injuries after being hit by a car at about 10.30pm on Friday, May 2.

Mrs Shardlow rushed the one and a half-year-old cat to vets who originally suspected that he might need to have his leg amputated.

Desperate to help, her children Jacob, ten, and Freya, nine, set up a stall outside their home selling bric-a-brac.

It is hoped a leg splint will be enough to help Ziggy but he still has to go to the vets every couple of days to have his dressing changed.

She said: "The cost won't be confirmed until treatment over but the x-rays alone are £150.

"The bill is around £1,100 between the emergency vets and his regular vet so far.

"He will need ongoing dressing changes with the vet for at least four weeks so who knows where it will end?"

Neighbours helped Jacob and Freya by supplying cakes and items to be sold on their stall but the family want to raise even more money.

Mrs Shardlow has since taken out insurance on her three cats but will not be covered for this accident and, despite the driver who hit Ziggy coming forward, his insurance will not cover the costs either.

Anyone with any advice or ideas for raising more money should get in touch with Nikki Shardlow by emailing nikkishardlow@hotmail.com.