RABBITS owners hopped to it and found out how they could improve the way they care for their pets during an awareness week.

Margaret Layland, rehoming co-ordinator for small animals at RSPCA Worcester and mid-Worcestershire, said she would continue to send out booklets to people wishing to find out more information after a successful awareness week.

Mrs Layland, from St John's, Worcester, explained the theme of this year's Rabbit Awareness Week was Change One Thing with owners being asked to "take one small hop for rabbits"

She said: "The main pointers during last week were that rabbits need exercise. Don't imprison them in tiny hutches, they need to be able to run around.

"Feed them plenty of fibre and give them company - provide tunnels, platforms, digging boxes and other toys to avoid boredom."

Owners could take their bunnies to vets for free health care checks during the week.

To receive a booklet call Margaret on 01905 421849.