AS if money, success, talent and fame weren't enough, it now seems sports stars are more attractive to women.

A new survey reveals more than half of women said they would prefer to have an affair with a sports champion over an equally talented but modest man.

The poll, by dating website Victoria Milan, asked 3,256 of its female members questions to discover what exactly it is that sets sporting champions apart from regular, talented men.

The body was ranked the number one attraction, with 39% of women voting for a trim, toned and taut body. 

Money was a fairly close second, with 25% of women looking for cold, hard cash.  Fame and success were rated third and fourth respectively.

Brains certainly lost out to brawn, with just 8% of women claiming intelligence attracts them to a sporting personality.

CEO and founder of Victoria Milan, Sigurd Vedal, said the results indicated that while it’s clear women like a little excitement in their lives, almost half will settle for an affair with a regular, but talented man.

“Only 7 per cent more of respondents are interested in the “added extras” such as large bank accounts, magazine covers, fancy cars and designer clothing," he said.

"Real women are looking for real men – but having the physique of a sports star will increase the chances for gentlemen looking for a good time."

The full survey results:

Would you prefer to have an affair with a sports champion or an equally good, but modest man?
Sports Champion - 53.6%
Regular Man - 46.4%

Would you be scared of being more exposed while having an affair with a sports champion?
Yes - 99.2%
No - 0.8%

What attracts you the most to a sports champion?
The body - 39.1%
The success - 11.8%
The money - 24.6%
The intelligence - 8.3%
The fame - 16.2%

Which sport do you find to be the hottest?
Football - 16.2%
Tennis - 8.4%
Golf - 6.1%
Basketball - 6.3%
Motor Sport - 7.3%
Rugby - 6.4%
Surfing - 23.4%
Athletics - 4.5%
Swimming - 12.5%
Baseball - 8.9%