A MAN who has offered one of his kidneys to a complete stranger has said his gift is about making up for not always being "a good boy."

Former Worcester City player Wesley Joyce, aged 32, came forward after reading our front page story in which we told how mum-of-two Sally-Anne Grainger was desperate for a transplant to improve her life.

Mr Joyce, a dad-of-four, said: "It caught my eye straight away.

"I read the story and it got to me a little bit.

"When I was younger the dad of a lad I went to school with took me to the Wolves ground.

"He had a heart and lung transplant and I thought if he hadn't he wouldn't have known me and I wouldn't be the person I am today.

"I looked at her children and I could not imagine the mums of my children not being there for them.

"I thought, 'I need to change my life a little bit'.

"I've not been a good boy all my life.

"I've been in the army.

"I've been at Her Majesty's Pleasure.

"I've done good things and bad things.

"I thought, let's do good from now on. This is a good place to start. Let's save someone's life.

"So I emailed the paper."

Mr Joyce, who runs the Albion pub in Bath Road, was put through a series of tests to assess his suitability and was found to be a perfect match.

Doctors then asked him if he was sure he wanted to go ahead with the two-hour operation.

Mr Joyce said: "I'm not letting anyone down. I'm saving this woman's life.

"I'm nervous but I'm not nervous for me.

"You've got one life so live it the best you can.

"I believe what will be will be.

"I've lived my life.

"I've done everything I need to do.

"I've got four beautiful children.

"I'm in a good place.

"It's time for me to let someone else live her life.

"I can't have this lady's children losing their mum. Not if I can help."

Mr Joyce who is dad to Leyton, 15, Leonie, nine, Jai-Jai, six, and Maddox, one, added: "Someone asked me, what are you getting out of this?

"I said I've got everything I need out of this already.

"When I went for my scans, my 15 year old messaged me and said I'm so proud of you for what you are going through and what you are doing.

"That's all I need and to see a smile on Sally-Anne's face when it's all over.

"To know that her children are growing up with their mother and I've had a little help towards that."

Mr Joyce said he now hopes he can meet Miss Grainger.

He said: "I just want to meet her to say I'm going to do my best for you and I'm not going to let you down. I will do everything I physically can to help you.

"Life's too short and I'm not having someone die at 34 not if I can help it."