NOAMI the car has been groomed with the "pink stuff" for a final time, as her favourite bathing location is closing down.

Owners Steve Bell, 65, and Sheila Joynes, 59, said the Peugeot Tippee would miss the "pink stuff" at the Commandery Service Station, which was closing down its conveyor car wash after 24 years in business.

Five-year-old Naomi was regularly taken for the special wash at the station in Sidbury but Mr Bell said they have not been able to find another garage that offers the pink foaming wash.

He said: "We usually go through about once a month to keep the car looking nice. It's terribly sad.

"We haven't found anywhere else that does the 'pink stuff'.

"Our car is French and she really likes pink and men in uniforms so we're hoping the firefighters do a car wash soon for a treat."

The couple, with the self-confessed strange sense of humour, made a video and posted it on YouTube to document the final time the car, which they describe as French, naughty, flighty and very girly, went through the car wash, mixing it with sad music titled For The Fallen by Kevin MacLoed.

"We've got car shampoo but it doesn't compare to the 'pink stuff'," he added.

The car wash, which had been running for 24 years and thought to be the oldest in the country, will close for business at the end of May.

Tim Burns, owner of Commandery Service Station, said the decision to close it has taken the team two years to decide.

He said: "It is very sad we have got to shut it down but it is a sign of the times. We are taking the car wash out and replacing it with parking spaces because the shop is so busy.

"The reasons we've had to make this decision is because of its age the cost of repairs on it are huge, the business rates we get charged on it are also huge, and in addition, Worcester is now swamped with hand car washes."

The store will be also extended the shop at the station once the car wash has gone but will make three employees redundant as part of the plans.

To watch the final voyage of Noami through the Commandery Car Wash presented by Ms Joynes, click here.