A MOTION of 'no confidence' has been handed to Worcester City Council over leader Adrian Gregson - with the Tories on a revenge mission to oust him from power.

On another day of dramatic developments over who controls Worcester, the opposition Conservative group has formally requested a vote aimed at dumping Labour from office - saying they have a "moral authority" to take over.

The Tories, with 17 councillors, only need the support of either the city's lone Green, Neil Laurenson, or the single Lib Dem, Liz Smith, to get it passed.

It follows another day of dramatic developments yesterday, including:

- Cllr Laurenson met with Labour at 6pm to try and thrash out a deal on a new-look council with Green policies at its heart

- In an effort to hedge his bets, Cllr Laurenson was then prepared to meet the opposition Tory leadership later on last night to see what they had to say

- Worcester Green Party has firmed up its 'wish list' for both parties to consider and it includes making sure all new property developments in the city only get the go-ahead with 40 per cent affordable housing

The motion of 'no confidence' will be voted on at full council this coming Tuesday, unless the Tories withdraw it in the event of a Labour-Green deal being firmly on the cards.

Councillor Simon Geraghty, Conservative group leader, says as "the largest group" he wants to seize back power one year after losing it.

"A large number of voters in Worcester have put their trust in us and we want to deliver on that," he said.

Councillor Marc Bayliss, deputy group leader, said: "It's a very simple motion, one line saying we want to remove the leader and elect a new one.

"We won the popular vote in the last two years, we are the biggest party and while we don't have an overall majority, we have the moral authority to run this council.

"I'm very happy to reach out over the divide, to the Greens, Lib Dems or even Labour - but it would be perverse if we didn't lead the authority."

Worcester Green Party met on Monday night to firm up its wish-list and has shown it to Cllr Smith, the Lib Dem, ahead of last night's talks with Labour and the Tories.

Cllr Laurenson said: "I don't want this to drag on much longer, hopefully we can sort this out over the next few days."

Cllr Gregson told your Worcester News he was not surprised at the no confidence motion - and has no intention of quitting.

"Nothing will be decided until Tuesday," he said.