BIKERS have raised £2,000 for specialised tricycles so children with disabilities can play with their friends at school.

Riders from the Green Bike Company gave the money to Fort Royal Community Primary school, Wyld's Lane, so the school can buy specialised bikes for children with cerebral palsy and spina bifida.

The tricycles help with hand and eye co-ordination and encourage children to be more interactive and involved in games with their friends.

Margaret Jones, the school's grant administrator, said: "Children learn through movement, for many it provides an opportunity to move independently, for those not steady on their feet it promotes good balance and a sense of achievement.

"When out on the playground with their peers, they can ride beside those who can run.

"For our non verbal children it helps with communication skills, they are happy and begin to articulate sounds.

"How powerful is all of that?"

The Friends of Fort Royal has been working with the Green Bike Riders, who are a group of riders of all abilities who ride out of the St John's shop.

The group raise money to help children with disabilities enjoy cycling and their donations go towards the Felix Fund, which was named after the first child they supported.

The tricycles are designed to support the children’s bodies and have flexible chest pads and hip supports.

These can be easily altered to accommodate the difference in size and needs of the individual but cost between £1,150 and £1,500 each.