A Worcester school has been judged to be an outstanding Catholic school.

Our Lady Queen of Peace Catholic Primary School in Bransford Road, St John's, was inspected on the effectiveness of its religious education by the Archdiocese of Birmingham.

The report said the school was "vibrantly Catholic and inclusive" and that each pupil contributed enormously to its Catholic ethos.

The collective worship, religious education programme and leadership and management were all said to be outstanding.

A diocesan inspector found a culture was promoted in which people could ask questions and challenge through constructive criticism.

School governors were described as "hand's on," proactive and highly effective.

The report also praised the school's teaching and learning.

It read: "The emphasis on learning from religion is a real strength because pupils are developing a sound grasp of what it

means when translated into their daily lives.

"This is quite evident in their excellent behaviour and caring attitude towards each other."

The subject leader of RE was described as having a clear vision and knowledgeable approach.

The quality of teaching was said to be consistently good and better and resulted in outstanding learning and progress over time.

The pupils' prior knowledge and religious experience was described as limited when they joined the school but they made rapid progress and by the end of Year 6 almost all had met or exceeded their targets.

The pupils themselves said they enjoyed RE.

Their exemplary behaviour was highlighted with the report saying: "They are quick to praise, to thank and to forgive.

"Every pupil regardless of faith, or none, feels a valued member of the school community, and participates reverently in prayer and liturgy."

Children were said to pray well, get involved in singing and participate in school assemblies.

Since the last inspection the school had also enriched the study of other faiths through more emphasis on the multi faith elements in the curriculum and with a very successful Multi Faith Week.

The inspector recommended that the school provided further opportunities for all pupils to take complete ownership in planning and

presenting their own liturgies and assemblies.

The inspection took place in March.