THE FORMER Mayor and Mayoress of Ledbury attended the first Royal Garden Party of the year in what was an "unforgettable experience".

Ledbury Town Councillor Allen Conway and his wife Judy were invited by Her Majesty The Queen, where they toured the gardens, drank tea and ate scones.

Cllr Conway said: "It was absolutely fantastic and an unforgettable experience.

"The gardens and the palace are absolutely huge and totally stunning.To be sat drinking tea at the palace was quite the experience.

"The Queen walked along the gardens, and although we didn't meet her this time, we were sat very close.

"It was also our 50th wedding anniversary, so what a way to mark the milestone too. It was a wonderful time."

The pair were invited to party after a anonymous nomination on their behalf, and attended the party on Wednesday, May 21.

Cllr Conway said they are both "very appreciative" to whom ever nominated them.