STUDENTS and staff at the University of Worcester are collaborating on a new online sustainability magazine.

The university's sustainability department recently launched, featuring articles, podcasts and video clips written by people from a range of academic departments.

The digital magazine is publicly accessible but also includes a members-only section which can be used by both students and staff where necessary.

Journalism student Andreea Dumidrache is one of the people behind the project and said it included material on topics including agriculture, the environment, social issues and the economy.

"We are bringing the student and academic perspective together," she said. "But it's for everybody including local businesses."

The university's director of environmental sustainability Katy Boom said working on the site would help the students gain experience as well as being good for their CVs.

"Hopefully it will become a widely-used resource," she said.

"It's not easy to work across every discipline - each one has its own way of working and we've been leaning that.

"We really are all learning from each other."

The digital magazine is published eight tomes a year and is based on an academic paper to be published this September.