A FORMER Burmese prisoner of conscience, turned human rights lawyer, was the special guest at Worcester Group Amnesty International's 40th Anniversary celebrations.

Ko Aung gave a talk about his experiences as a prisoner and spoke about the Burmese constitution changes, made in 2008, which now means anyone who has been in prison for campaigning cannot stand for a political role.

The Mayor of Worcester was also in attendance at the event, at which around 30 people attended.

Wendy Clark, secretary of Worcester Amnesty International Group, said: "It was a pleasure having Ko there.

"Events like this are needed as they get the word out, that such things are still happening in the world, and it's wrong. People shouldn't be punished for something they believe.

"We need to spread the message as it's better to light a candle than to curse the darkness."

Worcester Amnesty International meet every second Wednesday at The HIve.

For more information visit worcester-amnesty.org.uk