AFTER months of endurance based training a father-of-two will be climbing the highest mountain in western Europe for Asha Women's Centre.

The inspiration behind Keith Griffiths' fundraising trek up Mont Blanc is his wife Jean's volunteer work at the centre in Bath Road, Worcester.

Mr Griffiths, from Greenhill, Evesham, will be making the climb to the 4,810m peak this week after completing a few days altitude training.

There will be an ascent to Gran Paradiso in Italy followed by the three day ascent of Mont Blanc including a 12 hour summit climb.

To prepare for the challenge, the 48-year-old has taken part in endurance-based training including two duathlons, a half marathon, two sprint triathlons and an Olympic distance triathlon.

So far he has been able to raise over £8,500 for the centre and hopes to raise even more.

He said: “My wife Jean volunteers at the centre and mentors some of the vulnerable women that the centre cares for.

"They do amazing work for people who really do need their help."

Back at home his wife and children Ashleigh, 24, and Harrison, 14, will be awaiting updates from the climb.

After all the training, Mr Griffiths said he felt confident he would be able to complete the clime.

"The only thing that could get in the way is the weather because it can be called off if it is too cold, windy or snowy.

"At the final ascent, there is a narrow ridge so if you have 40mph winds it won't be safe but that would be the only thing stopping us.

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