MPs across Worcestershire have been praised for their public response rates - after new data placed them among the country's best.

A survey of data collated by the website 'Write To Them' has placed the likes of Robin Walker and Peter Luff among the UK's leading parliamentarians for getting back to people.

Every year the site, which offers web surfers the chance to write directly to their MP, collects data on how much correspondence each one gets.

It then contacts random writers to ask them if they ended up getting a personal response from the MP in question, rather than just an automated email.

Mr Luff, Conservative MP for Mid-Worcestershire, replied personally to 51 of 64 messages from the public and had 95 pieces of correspondence via the site.

He was ranked 87th best MP in the country, out of 641 and was given a response rating of 'high' by the site.

Mr Walker, who represents Worcester, replied personally to 71 out of 104 emails and was sent 157 bits of correspondence from the site last year.

He was also given a rating of 'high' and ended up 197th in the league table for 2013, comfortably in the top half.

Mr Luff said: "Maybe this is just a reflection on my constituents, rather than me as they are very kind, nice generous people.

"It's a very useful website and it's good to do well, but it's only a small amount of the correspondence I get.

"I probably get 12-15 substantive emails a day, of new work I have to look into, and that's on top of the phone calls and letters that come in."

Mr Walker said: "What's pleasing for me is that all of Worcestershire's MPs come out of it well.

"I do take data like this with a pinch of salt because often people write to me and don't leave contact details so I can't always respond, but I do get back to the vast majority when I can."

Wyre Forest MP Mark Garnier came in at number 226, with personal replies sent to 47 out of 71 constituents sampled, and he dealt with 119 requests direct from the site.

Harriett Baldwin, who represents West Worcestershire, was ranked 328th, having replied personally to 59 from 102 messages from the public.

She had 156 queries from the site and was given a grading of 'medium'.

She said: "I have an excellent team of local constituency caseworkers who have helped tens of thousands of constituents every year."

She said anyone who wanted to contact her can do so by telephone, email, letter or at her weekly surgeries.

No Worcestershire MP finished in the bottom half - to see the data visit