TO link with National Bike Week, a safety initiative has been launched to make sure that a trip in the saddle does not lead to a hospital bed, or worse.

The awareness drive, by Warwickshire and West Mercia Police and the Safer Roads Partnership, is a response to warmer weather and lighter evenings, - when a spin on two wheels is a more inviting prospect for many people.

Vicki Bristow, Communications Manager for the Safer Roads Partnership says: "Cycling is popular within this region and the culture is growing, however people need to take care in order to ensure they are doing it as safely as possible.

"With the right precautions cycling can be safe form of transport. Our road network now is increasingly becoming a shared space for many, so we’re not only encouraging cyclists to be more aware and take on board some of our advice but also urging other motorists to take more care on the roads and watch out for other road user groups, giving them plenty of time and space. "

Police are urging cyclists to take care at junctions, to wear bright and visible clothing, and to always wear a helmet.

Cyclists are also being asked to be aware of pedestrians, just as motorists should be aware of bikes.

As part of National Bike Week celebrations, there will be a Bike Basket Bazaar at Worcester's Museum and Art Gallery, on Saturday June 21, from 10.30am to 4.30pm.

This will be an arts, craft and vintage fair with a difference as traders will be selling from their bicycles, which makes a change to a table top, or even a car boot.