A SENIOR member of Malvern Hills District Council is calling on fellow councillors to treat each other more respectfully at meetings, and to dress more smartly.

Vice-chairman Mike Morgan will make the call at the council's meeting on Tuesday, June 24.

He said: "In recent months, the council’s monitoring officer has received a number of complaints from members of the public alleging inappropriate behaviour by elected members at council meetings. In his opinion, these complaints are not without foundation."

And he is calling on colleagues to maintain "the highest standards of conduct in all council dealings and particularly at committee and council meetings".

Among his requests is for councillors "to pay attention to the debate", "show respect to other members and officers and not make personal insults", "listen respectfully to others and address all comments through the chair" and "respect the rulings of the chairman".

He also want councillors "to make good use" of training opportunities arranged by the council via the Local Government Association and other bodies.

Members who, in the opinion of the meeting's chairman, do not behave, should be asked not to attend the next meeting of that body, he says.

And "to show high standards", members should attend meetings "smartly dressed in accordance with normal practice for business meetings".

This week, the Malvern Gazette asked how many complaints have been received, and what exactly is the conduct being complained of.

A council spokesman said because some complaints were still being dealt with, further details could not be disclosed.