THE owner of the parrot who can whistle The Great Escape has joked his pet now needs rehab after finding worldwide fame after a whirlwind week of appearances.

Slipmatt was perched for international stardom but since the England team crashed out of the tournament his 15 minutes of fame seems to have sadly come to an end.

The nine-year-old Afircan grey parrot had been taught to whistle The Great Escape and squawk "England" and "Come on Rooney" by his owner Fran Sheridan and Fran's six-year-old son Reilly.

After featuring in your Worcester News, the parrot appeared in national papers, on websites across the world, on BBC and ITV news, was discussed on Radio One and even rubbed shoulders with Jimmy Osmond on the set of Loose Women.

Mr Sheridan, from Foley Road, St John's, said it had been a crazy week since he first appeared in the paper last Tuesday.

Views of the YouTube clip of Slipmatt singing has leapt from just over 200 before the story appeared in your Worcester News to nearly 30,000.

The 42-year-old DJ said: "Everything just went ballistic.

"Once he appeared in the Worcester News, the nationals started to get in touch and he appeared on BBC and ITV news.

"I was asked to take him on to Loose Women.

"It was mad and all has been a bit of fun.

"Reilly walked into school excited to tell people he'd be appearing on the news but all his friends just ran up to him shouting "We've seen you on tv" - he loved it."

Despite Slipmatt's emphatic support, England lost both their group round games against Italy and Uruguay which put them out of the World Cup.

Mr Sheridan joked: "The probability he won't get any more coverage after England were knocked out has hit Slipmatt hard.

"We're going to have to check him into rehab because he seems to have gone a bit quiet and is looking over at the vodka bottle."

Slipmatt will be watching England's final World Cup game against Costa Rica tonight (Tuesday) - and continues to squawk the tune and his catchphrases.

"I'm trying to explain to him that it's a bit late now."

Fran's mum Mary's poem for Slipmatt:

Poor Slipmatt,

he did his part.

Now he's got a broken heart,

He squawked and sang all in vain,

England's coming home on the plane.

He squawked: "I've tried. Been a good pet.

"I'm feeling sad. Need the vet."

He's looking sad sat on his perch,

England's left him in the lurch.

"I've been on radio, telly and news.

"I'm fair worn out, having a snooze.

"I quite got used to all the fame.

"I'll never be the same again.

"Don't try to tempt me with grapes and carrot,

"I'm just fed up, sick as a parrot."