A WORCESTER-BASED home care company is urging people in the county to make sure elderly friends and relatives stay steady on their feet.

With four million over-65s admitted to hospital every year as a result of a fall or a fracture, Radfield Home Care is working to raise awareness of day-to-day activities that can reduce risk of a fall.

The organisation has put together a guide with a number of tips on avoiding accidents, including exercising regularly, checking for hazards around the home and checking glasses are undamaged and hearing aids are working.

Hannah MacKechnie of Radfield Home Care said falls represent more than half of hospital admissions for accidental injury.

“Falls not only cause injury, but can really destroy an individual’s confidence which can lead to isolation and reduced independence, with many becoming afraid to leave their home with the fear they’ll fall again,” she said.

“A fall can occur from a combination of different factors, so it’s important an individual has the resources and support to spot the risks, which can then be removed or reduced.

“We have developed our own guide which details the possible risks such as the common rooms around the house where falls may occur, and the physical activities that can be undertaken as a precaution.

“I’d urge anyone that may be concerned about the safety of an elderly relative or friend to ensure they’re familiar with the simple steps they can take to help prevent a fall.”

The guide is available at www.radfieldhomecare.co.uk.