THE dress code at Worcestershire County Council has been varied this week as staff donned official outfits during a wear your uniform to work day.

It was part of a week of events honouring the lead up to tomorrow's (Saturday, June 28) Armed Forces Day.

Major John Hobbs wore a caubeen provided by One Royal Irish, which was of particular relevance as it was the One Royal Irish division that helped the highways team at Worcestershire County Council during the floods in February of this year.

He said: "I am proud to be associated with the One Royal Irish today as they helped the county out tremendously when they were deployed here in February.

"The soldiers were hardworking and conscientious, helping to defend against further flooding and helping residents who found themselves stuck in their homes."

Also in uniform was Sergeant (ATC) Rebecca Pritchett, Senior Non-Commissioned Officer in the Air Training Corps (ATC), who currently serves as a volunteer in 233 Pershore Squadron within the West Mercian Wing.

She said: "It is a real honour to wear the uniform in the run up to Armed Forces Day on Saturday.

"This event raises the profile of those who volunteer with the armed forces so civilians gain awareness and understanding of commitment and dedication that is involved in volunteering.

"In my role I am responsible for helping to offer hands on experience to young people from the ages of 13 to 20 to achieve and develop a wide range of skills they can employ in whatever they wish to do in the future."

In addition to the Wear Your Uniform to Work Day, the county council is also planning a special celebratory concert tomorrow (Saturday, June 28) at the Guild Hall in Worcestershire.

Anyone interested should contact the Guild Hall for tickets on 01905 722018.