FALLEN trees caused power cuts to more than 1,000 homes in Worcestershire during the torrential rain of last night and this morning.

As much as 20mm of rain fell in areas across the county as the sunny weather of late turned into a summer storm.

A tree fire affected high voltage power lines at about 9.30pm last night causing around 500 properties in the Diglis area to lose power.

The majority of the supplies were returned to the area between 10pm and 11pm with all the homes back on by 1am.

Hereford and Worcester Fire and Rescue Service sent one crew to the scene.

A Worcester fire crew also attended a call to a high voltage cable damaged due to the weather in Easinghope Lane in the Broadwas area, but no properties were thought to be affected.

This morning about 100 properties were still without electricity after a tree fell on the power lines in Malvern.

There were 550 properties in the Barnard's Green area of the town affected by the power cut today, which took place about 6.30am.

The majority have since been restored but those without power should be back online by 1pm.

Western Power Distribution said they had a team of 12 currently carrying out work on the damaged lines and removing the tree which fell onto them.

And the unsettled weather is due to continue with the forecast looking less than bright in the coming days.

Ian Michaelwaite, from Netweather.tv, said: "A line of showers about 30 to 40 miles wide passed straight over Worcestershire on Thursday night. In some areas there were 14 to 18, even up to 20 mm, of rain in 24 hours.

"The way the storms are building it's traditional British thunder storms. We have some warm weather and then have to throw a storm at it.

"The pattern is going to continue but whether it's quite as intense as we saw on Thursday is not clear. It is largely localised showers at peak times in the afternoon when the heat builds.

"There is the possibility of decent sized hail and scrawly, gusty winds. We could also have between 20 and 30 mm of rain on high ground and there is the chance of localised, surface flooding.

"It should slow down on Sunday and we will see grey skies, a cooler temperature and possible showers.

"Flaming June into flaming July hasn't come off as we would've liked, it's scared the joy out of the sky."