A FARMER in Worcestershire has criticised impatient drivers - saying he is being sent potty by the risks they are taking on county roads.

Councillor Rob Adams, a former chairman of Worcestershire County Council, spends his time away from politics tending to 500 acres of farmland at White Ladies Aston, in Spetchley near Worcester.

He often travels the area's roads in a huge tractor and says in recent weeks more and more motorists are trying to dangerously overtake, putting lives at risk.

He told your Worcester News the problem seems to have become more acute, saying the warmer weather might be making people more impatient.

"I feel like I've got to say something just to appeal to people to think about it more carefully," he said.

"I'd say 99 per cent of them are as good as gold but there's a few who don't seem to want to wait even a couple of minutes.

"On the road between The Nightingale and Berkeley Arms ( A44 Evesham Road, by White Ladies Aston) I was overtaken by three vehicles the other day - one of them as he went by had his hand on the horn all the way past me.

"I happened to look sideways and suddenly there were three, maybe even four cars on the wrong side of the road. It's too risky.

"We don't want to hold people up and do our best to go as quickly as we can, but there's a few that don't want to wait.

"On village roads, in a tractor you do tend to fill up the road but we go about it as quickly as we can.

"We don't want to be a nuisance, but for the sake of two minutes journey time I want to make a plea to people."

Cllr Adams, a Conservative, was chairman of the county council in 2012/13.

A farmer by trade, he now chairs the council's planning committee and also sits on the region's fire authority.