CELEBRITY business woman and loud mouth Katie Hopkins has thrown her support behind the Worcester vet who accidentally put down the wrong dog.

The sun columnist and former Apprentice star took to Twitter on Tuesday, July 1, to back David Denny, who has admitted mistakenly giving a lethal injection to a pet Jack Russell named Gunner.

The controversial tweeter, who hit the headlines this week for offending the Islamic community, wrote to her 182,000 followers: "Feel sorry for the vet that put down an old Jack Russell in a misunderstanding. Getting the bill paid must have been a tricky conversation."

And the opinionated business woman is not the only person who has sent a message of support to Mr Denny and his Henwick Road practice D.J.B. Denny.

The 2010 Equine Vet of the Year winner, who accidentally gave a lethal injection to the 15-year-old family pet on Wednesday, June 15, said: "It was a complete misunderstanding at our end and I have apologised and the dog was terminally ill.

"I do appreciate the support we have had, phone calls and letters. It's good of people and I appreciate that."

But Gunner's devastated owner, Nicholas Murphy, of Stallard Road, St Johns, has hit back at Katie and others who have defended Mr Denny, saying they should pick up a copy of the Worcester News to read the full story.

"She obviously hasn't read the whole story," said the 22-year-old who has owned Gunner since he was just seven. "That's a bit shocking that she said that. How can you feel sorry for him?

"They need to know the what actually happened, there are a lot of different stories now. I would advise her to read the Worcester News version."

Mr Murphy has also had his own supporters who have contacted him with messages of support.

He added: "I got a message saying I heard what happened and I am terribly sorry. I said he read it in the paper.

"People have said they can't believe it, they are gob smacked, it was shocking."

The family are now pursuing a complaint with the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons.

"We have sent the statements off," added Mr Murphy. "We will have to wait to see what they say. We are still really missing him. That's not going to change."