DARING fundraisers are preparing to take part in a daunting skydive later this month to raise money and awareness for a Worcester charity.

The group of four people are planning to leap from a plane in support of Sight Concern Worcestershire, on Sunday, July 27.

Two of the dare devils are Hannah Bishop and Shirley Sheridan, both users of the charity, and they will be taking part alongside supporters, Jess Thomas and Marie Jennings.

The leap of faith will take place in Swindon and the jumps will be performed as a tandem skydive, and will reach dizzying speeds as fast as 120mph.

The four courageous participants, who will jump from over 10,000 feet, will each raise £395 in sponsorship, to help blind and partially sighted people in Worcestershire live independent and fulfilling lives.

Mrs Sheridan, who lost her sight from diabetic retinopathy fourteen years ago, has learnt to use a computer with talking software, attends the craft group and has recently become a trustee.

She said: "Because of my sight loss, I don’t have any surprises in my life, like opening a birthday present, so I am really looking forward to this exhilarating experience."

To sponsor the skydivers visit doitforcharity.com/hannahbishop, doitforcharity.com/Jessica66 or doitforcharity.com/MarieJ.

If you would like a talk about Sight Concern to your local group, please contact Fiona Blake on 01905 332902 or email Fiona@sightconcern.co.uk.

You can also find out more about Sight Concern by visiting sightconcern.co.uk or calling 01905 723245.