THE River Severn is getting harder to spot in some parts of Worcester, because of the all the bankside weeds.

The City Council is blaming an exceptional growing season.

Concerned members of the public have contacted the Worcester News, with claims that even passing boats are being obscured by dense undergrowth, especially nettles.

And a photograph, taken by News photographer Jonathan Barry, near the swan monument, seems to bear out these claims.

Worcester lady, Patricia Sherriff, said: "As Sunday was such a nice day to go for a walk, we decided to take a walk by the riverside past the cathedral and to watch the passing boats; however once past the water fountains we lost sight of the river due to the weeds at the waters edge.

She added: "It is fine if you are 6ft plus, you can see all , but if you are vertically challenged like me you have no chance to see a boat, let alone ducks or swans.

"It comes to something when nettles are taller than you are. Why doesn't the council cut down the weeds ? Tourists visiting us are not going to be very impressed with state of our riverside ."

The problem has been acknowledged by Worcester City Council, and a solution should soon be in sight, - not to mention passing boats on the river.

City Council spokesman, Rob Byrne, said, on Thursday, July 3 : “Our teams are now on site cutting back the grass along the riverside path to its normal levels.

"We are working our way through a busy schedule of grass cutting, as growing conditions have been exceptionally good in recent months.”