A WORCESTER man is helping to make child birth safer in African countries after his daughter was born on the continent.

To do that, Tim Schoonenberg is taking part in the Worcester City run-bike-run event later this year, tackling a 50K circuit comprising of a 10K race, a 35K bike ride, and a further 5K race which is being held alongside the Worcester City 10K event.

He will be raising money for Wales based charity Life for African Mothers after the birth of daughter inspired him to take action.

Mr Schoonenberg, 40, of St John's, Worcester, said: "I'm looking forward to starting now, it should be an a great event.

"I have not done any sports in a while, so it's going to be hard. I need to get into shape much more before hand.

"I've been in training for the last couple of weeks now, running around the St John's and Hallow area, so we'll see."

Management consultant Mr Schoonenberg decided to raise money for Life for African Mothers after his one year-old daughter was born in Liberia and he saw the hardship mothers go through.

The father of three who is originally from London said: "I worked all along West Africa for 15 years as an environmental consultant, and myself and wife had our daughter there.

"Luckily our daughter was born healthy, but from that experience I saw some of the horrific conditions mothers have to give birth in, when living in under-developed countries.

"From that day I promised myself I would do something to help the situation over there.

"I later got in touch with the doctor who delivered my daughter, and asked her how I could help. She informed they need money for medicine and so they can train more people up and give them the education to go on to become doctors. So that's exactly what I shall do."

To make a donation to Mr Schoonenberg's cause, visit justgiving.com/tims-duathlon For more information visit lifeforafricanmothers.org