A MOTHER has spoken of how her four-year-old daughter and her friend escaped a man posing as a police officer who told them they should get in his car.

Four-year-old Charlie Quill and her friend, three-year-old Peggy-Mae Bailey, were playing outside near their homes in Westlands, Droitwich, when they were approached by two men and a woman on Wednesday (July 9).

Emma Bailey had been watching the children who were playing on a green next to the front of their Meadow Walk home, but had gone back inside for a moment.

Charlie’s mum, Kelly Quill, was also in her home just two doors down when her daughter came running in.

She said: “She came in and said a car pulled up really fast and a man got out saying he was a police man and that it was okay to get in the car and grabbed her arm and pulled her.

“She got away and when she came running in and said a man had tried to grab her, we said ‘are you telling the truth?’ and she said ‘smell my arm, you can still smell the man’.”

She described the car as being blue and green with red wheel arches on the front, although there was some confusion over the colours because of her age, and said there was a man driving, a boy in the front and a lady in the back of it.

Peggy-Mae also told the same version of events to her mum and both said the man who got out of the car had brown hair and the woman had blonde hair, although again, due to their age, they were unsure of the age of the people involved.

The parents called the police and officers attended the scene.

A spokesman for West Mercia Police confirmed that they were aware of the incident and that there was cause for concern.

But since getting away from the man, Charlie has been having nightmares and has had to sleep in her parents’ bed, her mum said.

Ms Quinn said: “Last night she wet the bed three times and was having nightmares. The only time she went to sleep was when I put her in our bed.

“Luckily Charlie knows all about stranger danger and went someone walks past the from garden and her younger sister says ‘hello’ she tells her not to talk to people she doesn’t know.

“But this time he said he was a policeman and she paused and thought about it before running off.”

The children are banned from playing at the front of the houses, which lie down a quiet walkway, and are only allowed in the back garden.

Ms Bailey said: “It’s a shame because this was the only place they could go to with their friends and still be close where we could see them and now that’s ruined.

“I have brought my kids up to know about stranger danger.

“I have always told them that if you can’t run away, you scream.”

Anyone with information regarding the incident should contact police on 101.