WORRIED residents are calling for something to be done to slow down cars speeding along a busy Worcester road.

Richard Thomas, who lives on the busy Bilford Road, has joined forces with councillors Neil Laurenson and Matt Jenkins, to ask for help at a busy part of the main road.

The father of two, who says he won't let his children anywhere near the busy route, decided to take action after an accident near his home on Tuesday, July 1.

He said: "There was an accident on the junction with the Astwood Road between a car and a scooter. The lady on the scooter needed ambulance treatment.

"My concern is the speed on the road. There are more people speeding than there are sticking to the speed limit. In the evenings and night times it's 40mph, maybe even nearer to 50mph.

"It's a wider road than many because of the bend but it's still a 30 limit."

And the main concern on Bilford Road is outside the Costcutter shop.

"If we are crossing the road it's impossible to see the traffic coming and somebody is going to get hurt," said the 39-year-old. "I'm not for fines but speed humps would slow people down or lower the limit to 20mph.

"My daughter is five, I wouldn't let here outside this house on her own, she's young but it's also way to dangerous."

The two green party councillors, county Cllr Matt Jenkins, and city Cllr Neil Laurenson, think the answer to the problem is a crossing outside the shop.

Cllr Laurenson said: "We have been campaigning for this for the best part of three years. We collected a petition in 2012 of over 300 people.

"This has been going on for decades, people trying to cross that bit of the road. This accident has happened and others, we need to try and stop this. The accidents are happening and the county council need to do something about it."

But the county council said there are no plans to put in new speeding measures on that part of Bilford Road or a crossing due to the lack of visibility at the location.

A spokesperson added: "Unfortunately there isn't a solution that can be found at this location due to the alignment of the road. There are also other factors which limit putting in a crossing here such as driveway accesses and nearby junctions."