IT was love at first sight for a Worcester couple who celebrate five decades of marriage today (Friday).

Dennis and Carole Goodyear, of Primrose Crescent, St Peter's in Worcester, now have three children, eight grandchildren and a great grandchild.

But they first set eyes on each other in a supermarket in Mealcheapen Street during the early 60s.

Mrs Goodyear was working at the store and Mr Goodyear, an electrician, was called in to undertake repairs.

He said: "That was where we met. I got told to do a job there and she was there. It was love at first site. I just asked her if we could go out together and we just clicked.

"We went out for a coffee on our first date. We would meet up in the evenings and go for a coffee."

Mr Goodyear went onto propose to his wife while they holidayed in Cheddar.

"We went down for a trip and we went to a place called Jacob's Ladder for a picnic and got talking about getting married."

They then planned to wait 18 months but when the chance arose to buy a home together they decided to get married and move into their own house.

So the happy couple married on July 18 in 1964 at the Holy Trinity Church in Shrubhill.

"We bought the house and that was it," said Mr Goodyear. "My wife brought up the children and later worked at Tesco customer services and I did electrical work all my life."

Now retired Mr and Mrs Goodyear have a new hobby, which sees them often on a bowling green around the country as both play for the county teams.

"We have been doing that for the last 10 years now," said Mr Goodyear.

And the couple are more than content with the lives.

"The highlights of our time together have been bringing up the children. We have moved around and bettered ourselves each time.

"I would say to others you know when you have met the right person. It's love at first sight and that's it from day one."

Tonight Mr and Mrs Goodyear will be celebrating with a family meal but suspect their children may have a trick up her sleeve.

"They often surprise us," added Mr Goodyear. "We have had hot air balloon and helicopter rides."