CANOES, barges and tourist boats are common sights on the river Severn but a rather unusual contraption was making waves in the afternoon sun.

Looking like it is part pogo stick, part scooter - it is in fact a aqua skipper which floats on top of the water and is propelled forward by the rider doing a series of jumps.

Geoff Purvis, from Arboretum, Worcester, his girlfriend Charlotte Kiely and her brother William, both from Stoke, were turning heads as they had fun with the skipper on the river to cool off during yesterday's hot weather.

All three told your Worcester News they were proficient swimmers and had sought the permission of Worcester Canoe Club to use their jetty.

Mr Purvis, who owns the bizarre device, said: "I was on a lake in Marlow where I was doing some wakeboarding when a guy turned up with one.

"It actually turned out he was the owner of the company and said there had only been about 50 made.

"It always draws a crowd wherever I've used it people are always asking "What's that then?"

"We have had a few people stop and have a look today to see what we are doing."

The 26-year-old was the more experienced of the trio, doing loops around the river directly outside the club while his girlfriend and her brother, aged 20 and 16, were having their first go on the aqua skipper.

They did not fare so well and only managed a few jumps before landing in the murky waters of the river.

Usually retailing for around £450, Mr Purvis bought the aqua skipper from Ebay about three years ago for £250.

The lightweight contraption is broken down and stored in a bag, similar to a guitar bag, when not in use.

The three admitted they were all thrillseekers, Mr Purvis and Miss Kiely meeting during a ski season, and have between them tried their hands at canoeing, motocross and wakeboarding.

Miss Kiely said: "We're not going very far, we're just going out a little bit - to be honest, two of us aren't going very far at all.

"It's harder than it looks.

"A couple came along earlier and said it looked like a fun way to spend a sunny day."