A WORCESTER councillor responsible for drawing up a 'new vision' for the city has welcomed assurances it will be taken seriously - saying he finds "party politics" distasteful.

Labour Councillor Simon Cronin spent months working on a dossier for improving Worcester before his party was dumped from power in June.

His blueprint includes charging shops to place A-boards outside premises, creating a big farmers' market in the centre of the city, beefing up spending on discouraging seagulls, better WIFI access and heavily discounted evening parking.

The 16-page report has yet to be implemented, and Cllr Cronin has now discussed it with the Conservatives and secured a commitment it will be looked at.

He said: "I've been delighted and very encouraged by the response I've had from it.

"Some of the stuff in the review is not difficult to do and not necessarily expensive either.

"I have tried to present a list of ideas with an irresistible logic behind them as well as a small price tag.

"I have also deliberately tried to steer away from party politics, because that doesn't help you get anywhere and all it can end up doing is frustrating the whole process.

"My instinct has been to avoid that and I hope it can galvanise the whole process."

At the start of July Councillor Simon Geraghty, the city council's leader, said he wanted to "move on at apace" with making progress on the review.

One of the first aims of the Conservative leadership is to try and tackle the blight of black sacks of rubbish being left outside city centre shops all evening.

Traders often leave them out all night because many collections take place during the early hours of the morning.

Cllr Cronin's review calls for a new map spelling out seagull 'hotspots' to be created so people know where they tend to congregate.

It also calls for greater investment into tackling culls, suggesting the current £5,000 could be increased.

In terms of the farmers' market, two possible locations have been suggested of the Guildhall courtyard or South Quay, along the riverside.