ANYONE who's ever wondered what it is like be a charging bull can find out, without charge.

Glenn Burnett from Worcester and his Spanish-born wife, Irune Izagirre Durango, have created a new free computer game, based on the famous San Fermin 'Running of the Bulls' festival, in Pamplona, Spain.

During the festival, which takes place in July each year, around a dozen bulls are released into Pamplona's narrow streets and people do their best to get out of the way.

That's the human perspective; but the aim of the new game is to become the bull and to do as much damage as possible to the festival-goers.

Mr Burnett said: "The aim is to charge around the Pamplona streets knocking runners out of the way and see how far you can go. Players compete with each other online by seeing who can go the furthest.

"You can get the Pamplona Smash game for free at the App Store Google Play and in a web browser on computer at"

A YouTube trailer is on: