TAILS are wagging at Dogs Trust near Evesham as staff and residents alike are getting ready for the UK’s biggest sporting event by hosting their very own Commonwoof Games.

With their eyes on the prize of a new home, the furry friends at the rehoming centre in Wickhamford are showing off their sporting prowess with games like Kong Lawn Bowls, Swimming and High Jump.

Just like their athletic counterparts, these patriotic pooches are looking for active homes where they can make a new best friend and training partner.

They are now ready to put their best paw forward in the hope that they can make their dreams come true and wag their way to a happy new home.

Shauna Stedman, supporter relations officer at Dogs Trust Evesham, said: "Our dogs have really enjoyed getting into the spirit of the games and are hoping they will scoop the top prize of a gold-medal worthy home this summer.

"Just like any athletes, they could benefit from a little extra training but will make fantastic companions in the right homes.

"We will all be cheering on the athletes once the games begin and hope our Commonwoof dogs will bring luck to each and every competitor.

"Fingers crossed they too will have luck on their side and will finally find a winning home this summer."

To contact the charity call 01386 830 613 or visit dogstrust.org.uk.