HEREFORD and Worcester Fire and Rescue Service is reminding people to take care when using their barbecues during the warm weather.

Station commander Alan Haley said: "If you’ve planned a barbecue and the weather lets you down, don’t take the barbecue indoors or into a tent. In recent years, some people have sadly succumbed to carbon monoxide poisoning as a result, so we are urging everyone to stay safe this summer.”

Other tips include not leaving a barbecue unattended, keeping it away from sheds, trees and garden waste and emptying ashes on to bare garden soil and not into dustbins or wheelie bins.

Station Commander Haley added: "By far the biggest danger is the use of flammable liquids to light the barbecue. We have had a couple of occasions where people have poured petrol onto the charcoal in an effort to get it going and the reaction has, not surprisingly, been violent and highly dangerous. Prepare well in advance and light the charcoal early.”

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