ANGRY opposition councillors walked out of a Malvern Hills District Council this week in a row over plans to merge the authority's chief executive post with Wychavon council.

Members of the Lib Dem and Democrat groups walked out of Tuesday’s full council meeting , charging that a notice of motion brought by the ruling Conservative group was illegal.

The Tories' motion sought to change a decision made last month when the plan to share the chief executive's post was approved.

In that meeting, the words that "the new post is regarded as suitable employment for the current chief executive and managing director" was replaced with a recommendation that the post is "subject to open application and competition".

The Tories' motion sought to change the minutes to restore the original wording.

Opposition councillors said changing the minutes to reflect something that was not agreed at the meeting is illegal, , and Cllr Anthony Warburton produced written legal advice backing up that view.

The Tories quickly reworded the motion. After taking advice from council officers, cllr Mike Morgan, who was chairing the meeting, ruled that the reworded motion should be allowed - prompting the opposition walkout.

The rebel councillors stood outside the Council Chamber while the motion was passed 17-0 with two abstentions.