A WORCESTER driver who fought back after he was fined £200 for parking on a road he believed was part of the public highway has won his battle.

Matt Chapman, of Armstrong Drive, Diglis, was issued with two parking tickets after he parked in a small bay area off Portland Walk.

He took the case to Parking Control Management, the company firm employed to police the parking on private land in the area which issued the tickets at 6.10am on June 14 and 6.20am on June 21, saying he felt it was unclear who the land belonged to.

The 31-year-old had feared he would be forced to pay up but was over the moon when he received the decision saying the matter had been found in his favour.

"I couldn't believe it," he said. "I am very pleased. For me it's not that I parked somewhere stupid in anyone's point of view, it looks fine to park there."

In the email Mr Chapman received with the news he had won his case it stated the land was in private ownership, but supported his claim that there was a lack of clear signage.

It said: "However, with regard to the lack of clear signage I find in favour of the appellant. Whilst the operator has the benefit of the map and can clearly see which land is private and which is public the appellant cannot.

"There are no obstructions between the appellant’s car and those behind it, and so to the lay person the appellant’s car appears to be on the same land as those cars, which are in fact on the public highway.

"In addition the only sign shown in the operator’s evidence is on the other side of a line of bollards. This clearly implies that the sign applies to the land on the other side of the bollards to the appellant’s car. As this is the only sign relied on I must assume that is the only one present.

"Consequently, there was insufficient notice."

Mr Chapman added: "It's good to know that if you do stand up to these guys and you are in the right you can over come it.

"Its frustrating because I can understand why people just pay, even when they are not in the wrong. So I am very pleased that I went through with it."